Google Pixel 7a | 8GB/128GB 6.1" 90Hz OLED 4385mAh IP67 智能手機 Smartphone

容量 Storage

顏色 Color

版本 Version



Google Pixel7a 智能手機 Smartphone | 6.1 吋 90Hz FHD+ OLED 流暢顯示螢幕 | Always-on Display | Corning Gorilla Glass 3 | 搭載 Google Tensor G2 | Titan M2 安全防護晶片 | LPDDR5 Ram + UFS 3.1 Rom 快速傳輸 | 4385mAh 大電量 | 支援 30W 快速充電 | 支援無線充電 | 支援逆向充電 | 64MP 雙鏡頭拍攝 | 搭載 Android 13系統 | 立體聲喇叭 | IP67 防塵抗水 | 抗指紋塗層

Product Details


Pixel 7a vs Pixel 7


產品配置 Google Pixel 7a Specifications

認證 Certification Standard
IP67 防塵抗水 IP67 Water and Dust Resistance

基本資料 Basic Information
型號 Model:Google Pixel 7a
顏色 Color: 黑色 Black, 藍色 Blue, 白色 White
系統 System:Android 13
處理器 CPU:Google Tensor G2™ 安全性輔助處理器
記憶體 RAM:8GB
容量 Storage:128GB
記憶卡 SD Card:不支援 Not Support
電池 Battery:4385mAh
- 支援快速充電 Support 30W Fast Charging,
- 支援逆向充電 Support Reverse Charging,
- 支援無線充電 Support Wireless Charging

屏幕 Display
呎吋 Size:6.1吋 Inch
解析度 Resolution:2400 x 1080
- 90Hz 刷新率 Refresh Rate
- OLED 流暢顯示螢幕 Smooth Display
- 康寧大猩猩玻璃 Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3
- 抗指紋塗層 Fingerprint-resistant coating,
- 持續待機螢幕,並含資訊一覽和聽聲辨曲功能 
Always-on display with At a Glance and Now Playing

相機 Camera
後置相機 Rear Camera:
64MP 廣角鏡 Wide Camera
13MP 120°超廣角 Ultrawide Camera

前置相機 Front Camera
13MP 自拍鏡頭 Selfie

連接 Connectivity
制式 Cellular:5G / 4G / 3G / 2G
[ 5G 網絡在香港不能使用 Can not use 5G network in HK ]
卡槽 SIM slot:單卡槽 1 SIM slot (Single Nano SIM and eSIM)
耳機插槽 Earphones Jack : Type-C
NFC:支援 Support
Wifi:2.4GHz / 5GHz (802.11 b/g/n/ac/ax)

其他功能 Other Features
立體聲喇叭 Stereo speakers,
2 個麥克風 2 microphones,
雜訊抑制 Noise suppression,
享有 5 年的 Pixel 更新服務 5 years of Pixel Updates,
指紋解鎖 Support Fingerprint Unlock,
面部解鎖 Support Face Unlock

尺寸 Dimensions
尺寸 Size:152 x 72.9 x 9mm
重量 Weight:193.5g

包裝內容 Package Contects
1 x Google Pixel 7a,
1 x 數據線 USB-C to USB-C cable,
1 x 快速轉移轉接頭 Quick Switch Adapter,
1 x 用戶指南 Quick Start Guide,
1 x SIM卡針 SIM Tool

保養 Warranty
平行進口產品 Parallel Import
- 七天購物保障 7 Days Guarantee
- 一年有限保固 One Year Limited Warranty

備註 Remarks
落單前請先與我們確認庫存 (型號 / 容量 / 顏色)
Please contact us before placing an order. Thank you.


Pixel 7a

Built to perform. 

Priced just right.

Super fast, secure, and full of essentials.


Splash, dust, and scratch-resistant.


Stunning, smooth-scrolling 6.1" display.


Uniquely colourful and responsibly made.

The Pixel 7a comes in three bold colours. And it's made with recycled aluminium, glass and plastic.



Great photos made simple.


Main camera

Pixel 7a brings amazing clarity and vibrant details to every photo – even in low light.


Ultrawide camera

With a 120° field of view, get more of the landscape or fit more friends in the frame.

Front-facing camera

Spend less time getting the perfect selfie with a 95° ultrawide field of view.


Part photo editing. Part magic act.

With Google Tensor G2’s advanced image processing, you can take amazing pictures in low light, fix blurry photos, or erase objects with a few taps.


Photo Unblur fixes your pics, even the old ones.

With a tap, sharpen and brighten picture-imperfect photos – even ones from non-Pixel phones. #FixedOnPixel


Easily remove distractions in photos with Magic Eraser.

Make unwanted objects or photobombers disappear. Or change the color and brightness so an object blends right in.


Details pop out in the dark with Night Sight.

Now it’s easier to create rich, vibrant photos when it’s dark – city lights, portraits in low light, and starry skies with astrophotography.


Get amazing closeups with Super Res Zoom.

The Pixel 7a camera includes Super Res Zoom. So you can get up close without an extra telephoto lens.


Create energetic photos with Long Exposure.

Add motion, texture, and artful blurs – including light trails – to waterfalls, crowds, city streets, and more. All without a tripod.


Feel seen with Real Tone.

Pixel’s camera software has been tuned to accurately and beautifully represent diverse skin tones in your photos.

Pixel exclusive



Pixel helps all day.
In all kinds of ways.


The power and speed of Google Tensor G2.

Google Tensor G2 is the same custom chip that’s in our Pixel 7 Pro. Tensor G2 – along with 8 GB of RAM – makes Pixel 7a fast, secure, and efficient, with improved audio calls, great battery life, and amazing photos and videos.


Goodbye, spammers and waiting on hold. Hello, Call Assist.

Google Assistant screens your calls and helps avoid spammers. It shows you the best times to call a business and their call menu options. And it even waits on hold for you.


The calls you want sound even better with Clear Calling.

Pixel can filter out your caller’s background noise and enhance their voice, so you can hear them when they’re in a noisy place.


Translate languages in real time.

With Live Translate, you can have face-to-face conversations in 48 languages, chat in real time, and translate menus with your camera.


The battery lasts up to 72 hours and charges wirelessly.

The Adaptive Battery lasts over 24 hours – or up to 3 days with Extreme Battery Saver. And it's easy to charge wirelessly.



Secure to the core.


Extra online protection at no extra cost.

Pixel uses VPN by Google One to help protect your online activity no matter which app or web browser you use.


Access your phone with a glance or a tap.

Face Unlock or Fingerprint Unlock opens your phone quickly and securely.


Highest-rated security features.

With Google Tensor G2 and the certified Titan M2 security chip, Pixel 7a is built with multiple layers3 of security to help keep your personal info safe.


Security and privacy settings put you in control.

Pixel makes it easier to protect your phone, accounts, and passwords by showing security and privacy settings in one place. You’ll get at least 5 years of security updates, and you’ll be notified of risks and easy steps to secure your data.


Pixel experiences built for you.

Search your whole phone all at once.

Quickly find apps, messages, photos, and other content in a single search.


See what you need, when you need it.

At a Glance notifies you with the info you need at the right time, like when to leave for a flight, your boarding pass at the airport, and weather alerts.


Your Pixel keeps getting better over time.

Every few months, Pixel gets automatic Feature Drops – new features for the camera, battery, calls, and more. So you don’t have to keep getting a new phone.

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